Word on Westlake

Archived posts about WUCT, the Westlake United Churches’ Trust.

Word on Westlake #3 – by Veloshni Baker

Level 4 Lockdown in Westlake is pretty much the same as level 5 except that the term “Ons maak ‘n plan” (“We’ll make a plan”) has taken a new turn. Desperate tiksters have been tripping on sanitiser (we now hand out bars of soap). And illicit stills are producing “potato” beer and ”pineapple wine” while tobacco entrepreneurs are making a killing on selling loose cigarettes at R10 each. The locals are economizing by puffing happily on cigarettes rolled from tea bags! Oh well…I suppose it is recycling…

Word on Westlake #2 – by Veloshni Baker

We had a hiccup with our minibus on Wednesday. Fortunately our amazing carers (God bless them!) rose to the occasion. They stacked the food parcels onto two trolleys and made six trips into Westlake delivering food/soap parcels on foot!

Word on Westlake #1 – by Veloshni Baker

Driving through Westlake in week one of South Africa’s Lockdown was an eerie experience. Everything was dead still. Except for a few who were breaking Lockdown, buying and selling liquor. The police came three times but each time the culprits disappeared, like kids playing peek-a-boo behind the sofa, and popped back out when the police left. Even through the seriousness of it all, I had to smile.

WUCT 2 – by Paul du Preez

I hear St Paul’s words echoing, reflected in the tiny slice of Christian history the WUCT scrapbooks represent. I will mention only the things that catch my eye as I turn the pages. And I apologise to those whom I leave out – there are so many names. So many stories. Your names are written in heaven.

WUCT 1 – by Paul du Preez

The community of Westlake Village has an interesting history, as does the Westlake United Churches Trust that serves them.