My Local Church

It’s good to be accountable to a local church.

CHS Solidarity Report – by Paul du Preez

The Church of the Holy Spirit has always been a diverse church family, more so in recent years. So, when lockdown was announced, and employment put on hold, they began to think about making sure their brothers and sisters in Vrygrond and Westlake had enough food to get by.

Guidelines for Giving – by Paul du Preez

“There are many needs in the church and we recognize that people want to respond to them effectively and in a Christlike way,” says Deacon Brendan Fox, Team Leader at the Church of the Holy Spirit, where I attend. After lengthy discussion under his leadership the ‘Sharing Forum’ came up with the following guidelines.

Motivations for Giving – by Paul du Preez

Should Christians give? Let’s take a look at this, starting with the baby-church described in the book of Acts.

How to Receive From God – by Paul du Preez

You get the picture: God is generous! Massively, positively, abundantly, overwhelmingly, generous! So, maybe you think this is going to be another word-of-faith, name-it-and-claim-it power-preach. Except were going to look at what we should do with God’s generosity after we receive.