About This Site

Let me tell you why I created this site. (If you want biography, visit the About Me page).

I created it for three reasons.

To entertain

If you’re here, it’s most likely because you have been reading my serial, Syblings. I hope you are enjoying it, and that you have been inspired to look out for my other offerings as they are released (subscribe for notifications).

But, my aim is not just to entertain: I touch on serious issues, technological, social and personal; current and (I predict) of significance in the near future (visit the ‘Big Issues‘ tab, or ‘Commentary‘ under Topics). I approach these issues through ‘personal experience’ – my fictional character’s experience, that is. My characters (most of them) are not super-human. They are human, and flawed, and they struggle with identity, their limitations, and temptation.

To reflect my spirituality

In short, my characters are spiritual beings. They are moral agents illuminated by the radiance of a higher destiny, or power. The decisions they make matter, not just because of self-interest, but because, whether they know it or not, they are journeying into the light: stray dogs creeping towards the warmth of the camp-fire; moths compelled to the flame and it’s searing judgement.

To earn an income

Of course!

It takes me months to write, record and illustrate a series; weeks to write a short story. Writing is the only means I have of providing for my old-age. True, I do have modest investments. And a modest house I inherited from my father but, rather than sell it to meet expenses, I would like to be able to leave it to my son in his turn.

I could advertise my work on a site like Patreon. Except for two reasons: patronage sites favour those who have already established themselves, and merely wish to ask their fans for a little extra cash. And I don’t like to beg. I would prefer to offer you my work at a fair price, on Amazon Kindle, or Audible. If you like what I write, or what I stand for, then share my Lightwalker site widely, or buy two copies of my work on Amazon and gift one to a friend.

I have set myself a target. I aim to earn 1000 US dollars per month after tax. A humble goal.

Too humble.

Anything above a 1000 Dollars, I will split 50/50 – I will give half to charitable causes.

Yes! I should set my aim higher. Two thousand Dollars. Three. Four!

(If you would like to give directly to the charities that I support, their details can be found in the pages grouped under the ‘Helping’ tab.)

Pleasant reading my friend!


P.S. You can email me…