Syblings: Episode 18

Syblings the Syrial, Season One – Episodes 1-22 is now available in ebook ($0.99) and audiobook ($2.95) at some of your favourite stores (see retailer links). 

Poliamuel flutters down to place a scroll on the cushions near Leandré’s free hand. At first it’s no bigger than a rolled up postage stamp, but in seconds it swells into a handsome cylinder capped with a sliver crown.

Syblings Season 1, episodes 1-22 is now available in ebook or audio book (earlier episodes are still available on this site). For only 99c US you can find out what happens to Darren and Leandré, and support my writing – it takes months to produce the text, recordings and artwork.

Much appreciated!

Paul du Preez

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